Town of Williamstown Clean-up Day - May 4th - put your Trees & Wood on side of the road.  NO Household Garbage, Tires, Metal, etc.

For Metal Pick up call Bev Webb at 315 243-4331.

 April 11, 2015


To The Members of the Association:
Our April meeting had a great turnout.  The Community of Kasoag has come together once again to support this Association, and I thank you for all that you, the members, have done.
I have to give an above and beyond to Joan Longley on her 80th Birthday, she has made a substantial donation to this Association which is greatly appreciated.
We have a way to go to reach our goal, but we are off to a great start.  The letters of notification for the treatment will be mailed out on Monday the 13th for those members that could not attend this meeting.
Thank you,
Vince Cardinal, President, KLCA

Next Meeting - May 16th - 10:00 am - Kasoag Lake Bar & Restaurant 

We are in the process of checking out pricing for KLCA hats, T-Shirts, sweatshirts, etc.  Keep checking for updates.  We hope to have all the information available at the next meeting or sooner.

The Webcam is up and running, check it out.

Looking for Pictures for the 2015 - 2016 Kasoag Lake Calendars 

We are having a fundraiser to help raise money for treatment of the lake.  We will be selling Kasoag Lake Calendars.  They are available for sale for $15 each.  The calendars run from May 2015 to April 2016; that is our calendar year for KLCA.  The calendars have various pictures take around the lake.  These calendars make great gifts.  Contact Mary Augustus at lamoravia@aol.com.  If you have any pictures of the lake, please email them to Mary.

 You can access Alied Biological's Website for information on the process at http://alliedbiological.com/clientservices.htm.  (Under Client Services, click on the Parent Directory and select Kasoag Lake to display proposed product labels).

Download Lake Study Document by Allied Biological >

Clean Boats / Clean Waters Brochure > 

  2015 Dues

We are accepting your yearly dues for 2015.  Yearly Dues are $75.00, we are asking for an extra $125.00 for the treatment of the lake. There was a vote on this proposal which passed with a vote of 92 yes and 2 no.  Please make your check payable to "KCLA" & mail to KLCA, 26 Krigbaum Rd., Altmar, NY 13302. or Lauren Googin, 8 Leonard Ln, Altmar, NY 13302 Thank You.

 If you have metal objects you need taken away call Bev Webb at 315 243-4331



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