It is with deep regret that the Kasoag Lake Conservation Association announces the death of Jane Huber a long time member and Kasoag Lake resident.  

Jane and her husband, Bill were members from the early 1960's and spent many summers at their Moose Trail cottage.

We offer her husband Bill and son, Mark our deepest sympathy.


Mark, President, KLCA

Thank you for a great season!  Looking forward to seeing you at our first meeting, May 14th at 10:00 am at the Kasoag Lake Bar and Restaurant.  Check out the rest of the date under Calendar.


ice-out.jpgKLCA is having a Winter 50/50 raffle.  "Kermit Kasoag" is sitting on Second Lake just waiting for the Spring thaw.  Guess the date and time Kermit will fall through the ice.  He is set-up with a timer, this will give us the actual time of his dip into the Lake.  Lake Placid has had an "ice out" for the past 25 years.  It has been a great success and a wonderful fundraiser.  All proceeds will be for our treatment of Kasoag Lake. 

Click Here To See The "Ice Out" Video >

The cost of the tickets are $5.00 each.  To purchase tickets please contact Mary Augustus @ 315-283-3477, Karen Nellis @ 315-439-9823 and Lauren Googin @ 315-727-2957 for she is selling tickets if you are in Florida.  Tickets for the 50/50 will also be available in the local Williamstown/Altmar businesses.  The more tickets sold the greater the purse.  KLCA Board members are exempt from winning.  Tickets will be sold depending on weather conditions until April 1st

Soon we will have a video of our frozen lake with Kermit Kasoag patiently waiting for the Ice to melt.  Join in on the Fun!

Good Luck...and Thank-you for your support.

Below are the By-Laws, we will be reviewing and updating our By-Laws.  Please review and bring your ideas to the meeting or email Mark Augustus at oswegatchie@gmail.com

KLCA By-Laws

Check it out, we have created a facebook page.  Friend us at Kasoag Lake.   

Dear KLCA Members,

We have drafted 2 letters to our representatives in Albany and encourage you to download these letters, add your name to the top of the letter, sign your name at the bottom and mail them to Assemblyman Will Barclay and Senator Patricia Ritchie to ask for help in getting support from New York State to help control the invasive weed species growing in our lake.

Letter to Senator Ritchie

Letter to Assemblyman Barclay

Looking for Pictures for the 2016 - 2017 Kasoag Lake Calendars 

We are having a fundraiser to help raise money for treatment of the lake.  We will be selling Kasoag Lake Calendars. They are available for sale for $15 each. The calendars run from May 2016 to April 2017; that is our calendar year for KLCA. The calendars have various pictures take around the lake. These calendars make great gifts. Contact Mary Augustus at lamoravia@aol.com.  If you have any pictures of the lake, please email them to Mary.

You can access Alied Biological's Website for information on the process at http://alliedbiological.com/clientservices.htm. (Under Client Services, click on the Parent Directory and select Kasoag Lake to display proposed product labels).

Download Lake Study Document by Allied Biological >

Clean Boats / Clean Waters Brochure > 

  2016 Dues

We are accepting your yearly dues for 2016.  Yearly Dues are $75.00.  Please make your check payable to "KCLA" & mail to KLCA, P.O. Box 346, Altmar, NY 13302-0346, Thank You.

 If you have metal objects you need taken away call Bev Webb at 315 243-4331



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