It is with deepest sorrow that we announce the death of our Treasurer, Carol Swick who has passed away at the age of 65.  Carol died on Tuesday in Syracuse after a short hospital stay.

Carol will always be remembered for her dedication to Kasoag Lake and her selfless devotion to the Association and its members.  Carol was meticulous in her record keeping and was always prepared and ready to give answers and assistance.

Please join us in sending sympathy to Carol's Husband Bill and her two Sons, Eric and Jason.

We will miss Carol so much.

 The herbicide for the lake has been applied.  You will notice the milfoil is beginning to die.  It is taking a little longer for the fanwort to be affected.  Please be patient.  For the time being, please refrain from using the Shingle Mill Creek boat launch & for a short time, please do not bring your motor boats into Shingle Mill Creek.  We want to make sure the fanwort is completely dead and don't want to take any chances of spreading the fanwort to other parts of the lake.  Thank you!



A new webcam has been purchased.  It will be available for your viewing pleasure soon.


 Next Meeting
Saturday, August 16th
Kasoag Lake Barn, 10 A.M.

Fishing Derby - Sunday, August 17th, Registration begins at 7 A.M. Please bring smaller bills ($10's, $5's & $1's)  Thank you. 


 The picnic and auction was a success.  Thank you 

We are having a fundraiser to help raise money for treatment of the lake.  We will be selling Kasoag Lake Calendars.  They are available for sale for $15 each.  The calendars run from May 2014 to April 2015; that is our calendar year for KLCA.  The calendars have various pictures take around the lake.  These calendars make great gifts.  Contact Mary Augustus at lamoravia@aol.com.  If you have any pictures of the lake, please email them to Mary.


You can access Alied Biological's Website for information on the process at http://alliedbiological.com/clientservices.htm.  (Under Client Services, click on the Parent Directory and select Kasoag Lake to display proposed product labels).


Download Lake Study Document by Allied Biological >
Clean Boats / Clean Waters Brochure > 

No Increase in 2014 Dues

We are now accepting your yearly dues for 2014.  Yearly Dues are $75.00, no increase for 2014.  Please make your check payable to "KCLA" & mail to KLCA, 26 Krigbaum Rd., Altmar, NY 13302.

If you have metal objects you need taken away call Bev Webb at 315 560-6850


Viridian Energy

Buck's Family Restaurant

All Season's Sports, Inc







 The picnic and auction was a success.  Thank you